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Initial Diabetes Appointment – Group Visits



(The DIG IT group, digging into diabetes)

We at Western Valley Family Practice are dedicated to giving our patients all the tools they need to successfully manage their diabetes. We are also dedicated to helping patients who are on the road to getting diabetes, stop the progression.
The most important time to learn all about diabetes is as soon as we know you have a problem. That is why we have started a new program in order to speed up the education process. If you have diabetes and have never been through our initial class or if you are newly diagnosed with diabetes or pre-diabetes this class is for you. You will learn:
1. What is going on inside of your body with your cells, pancreas, liver, eyes, kidneys, and brain?
2. What studies have shown about diabetes control and what an A1C test is?
3. All the multiple treatment options including: diet, exercise, and the newest medications available.

We will be offering these classes the 1st Tuesday afternoon of every month at our Fruita Office. These are incorporated into what is called a “Group Visit” where you will be able to learn from both our Diabetes Educator Cathie Hren who is also a Physician Assistant and others in your group. You will also have one-on-one face-to-face time with Cathie to discuss your personal health, review labs, and adjust medications if needed.


Group visits empower patients to better self-manage their diabetes. The visits provide a supportive setting where patients feel safe asking questions and expressing their concerns about their disease. Studies show that group visits result in improved metabolic control, health behaviors, quality of life, and knowledge of diabetes.
We look forward to seeing you there!